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Highest Efficiency

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save_electricityIn the case of the groundwater systems (W 10 / W 35), Weider heat pumps achieve performance coefficients of up to 6.8. The systems are checked every three years by the heat pump testing centre in Buchs (Switzerland) and by the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna.

The efficiency of a heat pump has a direct impact on electricity consumption. The more efficient the heat pump, the lower its electricity consumption.

Heat pumps from Weider demonstrate their efficiency not only under test conditions. Recently, a Weider heat pump came out in first place during the heat pump field tests conducted by the federal state government of Vorarlberg (20 systems overall) with a seasonal performance factor of 5.09 (1 kWh delivers 5.09 kWh of heat). Third place also went to a Weider heat pump with a seasonal performance factor of 4.83.

Impressive results, considering that many countries require a seasonal performance factor of 4.0 as a minimum limit for successful grant applications for heat pump systems.